German Interior is FIRST VIRTUAL SHOWROOM for premium furnishings and architectural supply MADE IN GERMANY.
Dedicated to architects and interior professionals worldwide we talk  “ Made in Germany ”  -  web. mobile. social. 

Our DIGITAL LOOK BOOK showcases the Avantgarde of German manufacturers and service providers of the interior sector. As B2B Online Portal we focus on innovative technologies, latest designs, best manufacturing qualities as well as top brands and creative start-ups. 

In more than 50 showrooms you will find more than 1500 German provider of furniture, furniture-components, kitchen, kitchen components, lightings, floorings, wall covering, home decor, textiles, tableware, architectural hardware, building components, building technologies, urban furnishing...  
... and much more. 

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German Interior is 24/7 digital tradeshow, designed for the successful performance of modern interior projects worldwide.
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